“Salut, ça va ?”- a casual and warm “Hello, how are you?” revolves around us every day, and the meaning stays the same regardless which hour of the day it is being said. Just as our brand stays true to preserve timelessness and remain unaffected by perceived trends, we believe it is most important to create pieces that fit our patrons. Established in Macau, a city enriched by Continental-European cultures, we hope to reflect this uniqueness through the French phrase, and also the vintage, lace designs in our feminine pieces, infused with romanticism.

“Salut, ça va ?” is a women’s wear established in 2010, with a signature style in feminism and vintage romanticism, various collections featuring casual wear and attires perfect for special occasions. “Salut, ça va ?” offers Made-to-Measure Service for male and female clients, they are included brides, emcees, artistes and celebrities. In 2014, “Salut, ça va ?” began its own workshop to further evolve as an independent fashion brand, with an added focus on providing image consultancy, costume design and art directing services for different clients.

Akina, Nga Sun Lei

Akina graduated in Multi-Media Design at Macao Polytechnic Institute, and went on to obtaining the Fashion Design & Manufacturing Diploma at The Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM). She has gained experiences as a Fashion Merchandiser and Image Consultant, both positions at staple corporate in Macau, which had led her to find inspiration in creating her own collection, and was featured alongside other designers at fashion shows and exhibitions. With positive response received from the field, Akina started her fashion label “Salut, ça va ?” in 2010. Instead of participating fashion shows (in Macau, Hong Kong and Mainland) and being the organizer of exhibitions, Akina has obtained various opportunities to act as the stylist and art director for local artistes, as well as doing the designs for local musical dramas, uniforms of corporations and associations.




Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira no. 137-145 Industrial Pou Fung 10A, Macau 100+ HUB - Unit C4

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